Order Status

Wondering if your order is on track?

As we have a few different preorder containers on the go at once, and I am essentially a one woman team (with the help of hubby), you may not get an update until your order arrives here in Sydney.

As everything is made to order, its about 6-8 weeks to be handcrafted, and can spend a couple of weeks trying to get aboard a vessel, then 2-6 weeks transit depending on shipping delays, then the final customs process here which can vary in time- so there is a lot of stages where we can face delays, and typically its right at the end of the journey that we do encounter them.

This also means it can be difficult to give an accurate eta until we physically have the container.

Your Order Confirmation will have the estimated month that you have preordered for - we aim to have your order to you by the end of this month. Please remember this is just an estimate.

We know that as this is nursery furniture and can be quite time sensitive that you may be anxious to know where it is - we completely understand and I am more than happy to give you a current eta or update upon request, please feel free to email me at hello@bodhibaby.com.au to get an update.

Throughout the extremely challenging global shipping delays we faced in early 2022 we offer our impacted customers loan furniture to help them get their nurseries set up and organised, and will do anything to make your experience as smooth as possible in worst case scenario.

This is why we recommend placing your order as soon as possible! We don't sell mass produced flat pack, they are beautiful handcrafted pieces that take time xx